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Instructions How To Calculate Bowling Score

The Ten Pin Bowling Score Calculator 

How To Calculate Bowling Score

Computing score in ten pin bowling sessions is truly not that troublesome. In spite of the fact that you will need some simple math abilities to figure your bowling  score. Before you figure out how to score bowling you ought to take in some fundamental terms that bowling utilizes. For those that need a fast and simple technique for their bowling score. There is a connection to an online bowling score calculator. As well as a printable score sheet is accessible as well.

Common Terms Used To Calculate Bowling Score

  1. Strike = knocking all 10 pins down on the first ball rolled in a frame.
  2. Spare = knocking all the remaining pins down on the second ball rolled in a frame.
  3. Mark = filling the frame with ether a strike or a spare.
  4. Open = pins left standing after 2 balls rolled.
  5. Double = 2 strikes in a row.
  6. Turkey = 3 strikes in a row.
  7. 4 bagger or Hambone = 4 strikes in a row.
  8. A Bagger = bagger is more that 3 strike in a row: (example: 4 bagger and so on).
  9. Foul = when a bowler cross over the foul line.
  10. Split = when the is a gap between pins on a spare.
  11. Gutter Ball = when a bowler rolls the ball in the channel.
  12. Frame = A place where you keep score on a score sheet there are 10 in a bowling game.

Basic Symbols In Bowling

  1. Strike = X = In the small box
  2. Spare = / = In the small box
  3. Miss = - = A minus sign indicates no pins knocked down.
  4. Split = O = When There's a circle around the number of pins left on the first ball means a split.
  5. Foul = F = An F indicates a foul a foul's a zero in bowling.

Basic Fundamentals For Calculating Score In Bowling

A game of ten pin bowling consists of 10 frames. A bowler gets 2 chances to knock down all 10 pins. There are 5 things that can happen .
  1. Strike - When on the first ball bowled all 10 pins get knocked down.
  2. Spare - When on 2 balls bowled all 10 pins knocked get down.
  3. Open - Is When The Bowler leaves pins standing after 2 balls bowled.
  4. Gutter Ball - When the ball goes in the gutter and gets a zero.
  5. Foul - When The bowler goes over the foul line and get a zero.

When Bowling Strike's or Spare's The Bowler's Rewarded

  1. A strike's worth 10 plus the reward of the next 2 balls bowled.
  2. A spare's worth 10 plus the reward of the next ball bowled.
With an open frame there is no reward. The bowler's only credited for pins knocked down in the frame they're in.

Learn How To Score Bowling!

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